Red Aligatorz: Reunion Video


The Reunion of the Red Aligatorz at the Old Fire Station was more than what we (the band) expected. The music, the venue were good but the crowd were a unexpected surprise; to see so many people there was unbelievable. Not only seeing people I had not seen in decades, but meeting others who came to see the band.

One guy I talked with after the gig was 14 years old in 1986; he had come from the Pink Panther Record shop in Globe Lane, walking through town, he heard the Aligatorz busking outside of Binns. He and his friend went to listen; he was a Psycho-billy and liked the Aligatorz as they were home-grown and close to the music he loved. He stayed true to that music through his life. He came to the gig as he liked us then and liked us now; and it is this consistency to music that, personally I can relate too.

To be honest I expected about 30 or 40 people in the audience, but it was closer to 200 on the night. Considering other bands that are well known nationally, who pass though the Old fire Station, draw 30 or 40 people, I think it is amazing how many people came to see us play.

I also thought we would go out and play good music, but act our age and be conservative, but something else “kicked in” on stage and I was “home”. I have not enjoyed myself in such a long time.

Sure there were some duff chords, bum notes and off key vocals but that is not the point. We enjoyed ourselves and we played good and the energy was there right from the start, from us and the audience, and it was wonderful to hear the audience’s call and response come back to us on the song, Pink Thunderbird.

Here are my video recordings from the night. A big thank you to Pod, who did the camcorder at short notice, many thanks. I have left the video without editing it, only breaking it up, so it is easier to upload; I think it captures the atmosphere more…warts and all.

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