Red Aligatorz: Tojo; Amsterdam to Dunfermline


Swanny has been doing a lot of work with the Red Aligatorz reunion gig (which is still scheduled for the 10th March). In the past Swanny did nearly all the gig bookings, Ellie did a few of them, and I am pretty sure Wotto and myself did buggar all…

Today it is the same, what I can gather through e-mails is that Swanny has booked the event at the Old Fire Station, via Dunno (who works for the Carlisle Arts Council); and he has also booked a well known DJ on the Rockabilly circuit to DJ on the night.

red aligatorz

DJ Tojo is a guy I once met while playing a gig in Dunfermline, just north of Edinburgh in 1986-7. It was a strange gig for me as Ellie, Dung and myself had just spent 3 days playing on the streets of Amsterdam in a band called “The International Dole Cheques” (see the page on this blog for more details). While playing in Amsterdam we had done a lot of busking and a gig and I had met a Dutch girl and I was feeling extremes of highs and lows all at the same time; so to land back in Carlisle was a bit of a downer!

We stumbled off the train in Carlisle a bit knackered to say the least, and there in front of us was a rather angry Swanny wondering where the hell we had been! He bundled the 2 of us into a van and we got driven to Dunfermline, to do a gig that had been booked in advance.

I do not remember the gig very well, but I remember feeling shit afterwards, and not in the best of moods. So I remember Tojo being a brilliant host (as we slept at his place) and it will be great to meet him again under better circumstances.

Tojo was a DJ in the 80s and I understand he has been DJ’ing ever since not only in the UK but in other events around the world. He is DJ’ing for the reunion as he liked the band… (Bloody hell). It will be great to have him at the reunion and I believe Swanny has booked some other stuff as well, but that is still not confirmed I believe…so mum’s the word.

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