RIOT SQUAD – There’s No Solution 7” 1984

Riot Squad were a punk rock band from Mansfield, England and formed 1981 with an initial line-up of Duncan “Dunk” Mason (vocals), Nigel “Nello” Nelson (guitar), and Paul “Pommi” Palmer (drums), Nelson the only one of the three with any musical experienceinitially active till 1984. This 7” was released in early 1984 but musical differences within the band would cause them to split that year. Their music is quite aggressive with politically lyrics. All of Riot Squad’s recordings became highly collectable among Oi! and punk collectors in the ensuing years. A CD collection, appropriately titled Complete Punk Collection, was issued in the ’90s by Anagram Records. Two timeless Punk Oysters which would not interfere any tape sampler. Have a great weekend everyone!

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