Sacridose hails from the Tampa/Gainesville area of Florida and plays a maniacal grindcore/powerviolence hybrid that shreds hard!  Made up of ex-Cellgraft members, this is some brutal material that’s delivered at blistering speeds with walls of shredding guitar insanity, muddled bass noise, blasting drum beats and fierce vocal shrieks.  These maniacs dropped an amazing 7″ a couple years back, followed it up with an incredible split with Triac and recently released a new cassette!  Snag all three releases below and get your face melted.  Dig.

Slave World Cassette (2016)

Triac/Sacridose Split EP cover art
Sacridose / Triac Split 7″ (2015)
Anxiety Tremors cover art
Anxiety Tremors 7″ (2013)

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