Songs to Describe 2003



What songs describe the world and its events in 2003? You can suggest songs that describe how life was for you personally as well as the wider political, social and cultural ramifications arising from that year.

If the response is positive, I’ll do this on RR as an occasional theme but without the personal bit. And anyone is welcome to run with the idea if they want to use the idea for RR or SB.

nilpferd mentioned enjoying the reminiscing themes and I enjoy them because discussion opens up. And, to be clear, songs don’t have to be from 2003.

An Anthem from the 80’s

I chose An Anthem from the 80’s because it says something about my approaching middle-age and Western problems as seen from my safe European home in Finland.

Curfew I chose as Fatima Al Qadiri was uprooted by war, her father was a Kuwaiti diplomat, and is concerned with “exploring the experience of war, memory, Western perceptions of other cultures, and sociocultural identity”. There were a lot of political crackdowns in 2003 if I remember correctly.

Wardance is a bit of a gimme for 2003: “The food runs short, And then the money talks. / One way out. Your premonition is correct! / The Wardance. “

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