Suge Knight’s Attorney Sets Record Straight on Ex-Wife Accusation


By Abby Hassler

Will the people ever solve the mysterious death of Tupac Shakur?

The Daily Mail claimed on Monday (April 3) that Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, former CEO of Death Row Records, issued a signed affidavit, accusing his ex-wife, Sharitha, and former security chief Reggie White Jr., of being the masterminds behind the Tupac’s death. The story was published without supporting documentation.

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On Tuesday (April 4), Knight’s attorney, Thaddeus J. Culpepper, told TheWrap the “affidavit is fake news.”

According to Culpepper’s official statement, “The press release cites no author. As counsel for Mr. Knight, my duty is to assist him in proving his innocence in his present cases. I have never made any official statement regarding Tupac Shakur, nor have I made any statements on my client’s behalf regarding Mr. Shakur, written or otherwise. Articles relying on this unattributed press release are without merit.”

Knight is currently awaiting trial on charges of murder and attempted murder for a 2015 hit-and-run incident.

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