Taylor Swift Wears Flats for Ed Sheeran in Funny Candid Clip


By Scott T. Sterling

Taylor Swift will go to great lengths for her friends. She’ll shave a few inches off for them, too.

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The pop superstar has shared a candid new video of herself and Ed Sheeran (perhaps from the “End Game” video shoot).

In the clip, Swift calls Sheeran out for sitting on a ledge slighter higher than her own perch on an adjacent couch.

“I just want to start by saying that this is what he does,” Swift jokes in the clip about Sheeran. “He tries to elevate himself, just like geographically, so that he can seem better than me.”

“Taller,” Sheeran interjects.

“Like, experts will study this and say that you’re like… What are you doing? Are you like, peacocking right now?”

Finally, Sheeran has heard enough.

“It’s because you wear f—— heels all the time,” he responds.

“Look what I did for you today!,” Swift exclaims, showing off a pair of flat sneakers instead of high heels. Because that’s what friends are for.

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