“The Drunken Wobblies” and Band Reviews


Recently someone called this blog a “platform for my own material”. Nothing is more far from the truth. As it says in the introduction…well, go and read the introduction! It says it all.
I can only start with what I know, and that’s as far as it goes. I leave it for others to write (or not to write), to contribute or not. It is up to you.

But, while during this social history, I have been coming across other bands/singers which remind me of the punk bands in Carlisle in the 80s. I guess you cannot call it punk in the “thrash sense of the word”, but I feel it certainly comes into that category.

Most of the recordings come from the Bandcamp.com site, they come under the tags of punk, anarchist, acoustic, blackgrass, lo-fi, anti-folk, etc. most of these tags were unknown to me 6 months ago. But apparently they are out there and already an adjective! Most of these recordings are offered free under the “free download” or the “name your price” tags.

I thought to write or mention these bands/singers for the hell of it. I do not mean to promote any, but I believe to network and to find similar minded people, people who have gotten off their arse and done something connected with music.

As I started and continue to write material for my solo project “Business Controlled” (see blog), I find like-minded people over in the USA and elsewhere; a lot of these recordings are acoustic, often solo performers, sometimes in bands other times not. There are a few electric bands too and some compilation CDs which a host of styles.

Check them out if you can, some you might be surprised at… others you might not be… but that is the name of the game. I do not profess to like all of these bands, I do not, but that is not what this blog is about. It was never about what I liked… it is about what is/was there.

The first recording I listened to is a track by “The Drunken Wobblies” – No Peace – All Proceeds Donated to ABC, PJD, and PJFF -…. a rhythm guitar with a vocal on top. It is in aid of: the Anarchist Black Cross, and Prison for Justice Day, and the London’s prisoners Justice Film Festival. The theme of the song – anti-prison system.

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