The Final Curtain


So this is it. Comments are now closed on the final Readers Recommend in The Guardian. It came suddenly, out of the blue, yet took almost three years for the curtain to actually fall.

Maybe it lasted longer than it should have (although the continued, now expanding, existence of Song Bar seems to cast doubt on that) and maybe The Graun has a much better replacement game in the pipeline (but, on the evidence so far, they obviously haven’t), but I suspect (I know, tbh) that RR now has a place in the hearts of many a music fan, from the casual to the obsessive (you’re welcome) to those who seem to have listened to every piece of music ever played (take a bow, BB).

So, even though the game lives on, I thought maybe some of you would like to share your favourite memories of RR for a time capsule future generations can read, listen to and scratch their heads at (what?!, every week?!, for 13 years?!). Mine is of the first time we had a ‘final playlist’, when Fuel (aka Disco Monster) curated the topic Gifts and Giving. Although I knew our guru had open ears, I had never thought of him as a GD fan, so to see Ripple at the end of that list, with the explanation ‘Ripple occupied the last spot on the list from the moment it was nominated‘, went straight to my heart.

Of course, that wasn’t the last list. There were more songs to fill the air, and there were actually even more Deadsongs that entered The Marconium, but that one was special.

Anything you’d like to share?

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