The Pedestrians


Bass, Vocals – Scog Misfit
Drums, Vocals, Written-By – Keir Husband
Guitar – Paul Henshaw
Keyboards – Simon Horobin

The Pedestrians were an early band from Carlisle, who released “Walk It” on the “8 From 80” record, a compilation of Carlisle bands (8 apparently!). Recorded in 1980 (apparently!), the song was written by Keir Husband. Scog had been involved with a growing punk scene in Carlisle for a lot longer than me, he was also younger than me, although we had both gone to Trinity school I had not known about him, or the Carlisle scene.

Some photos from the “8 From 80” record.

Click to view slideshow.

Here is a recording of “Walk It” from Scog’s own channel

Soon after (or during their time) I met Scog (Nick Scott) and did my first ever rehearsal in his garage with my Kay guitar and reel-to-reel tape recorder as an amp, I remember playing the riff to “Pravda”! I have known Scog ever since, and we have come across each other in various musical forms.

These photos sent by Scog are classics (in my opinion), faces come back to me like a mirage. As far as I know they were a school band (?), Scog was at school then, but they had done some gigs.

This photo is from 1979

scog pedestrians 79

This was taken in the King’s Hall, Carlisle.

scog pedestrians 1

the next photos is of them playing in the King’s Hall, as Scog says “think this was the launch of 8 from 80”. and I think I was there, as I remember those fury jackets!

scog pedestrians

a comment from “Spencer Kurash”…
“I bought this when it first came out tho my copy had a b/w sleeve but with the same picture. Whilst walking my dog this morning the song “Walk it” popped into my head (can’t think why). It got me thinking “I wonder if possibly….and then your site popped up. I remember at the time this 7” came out John Peel saying it would probably be dismissed as “8 boring bands from Grimsby”….

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