THE SIX GUNS – 7” Collection 1989

And now a further post of 7inches, all released on Kaos & Skrål records, the Strebers own label. In detail: ‘Silver Sex & Six Guns’, ‘Buenas Noches From Hell!’ and ‘Back From The Dead’, all released in 1989. Info I found in the net so here we go: “Six Guns is Strebers when they started to sing in english instead of swedish and with Ztikkan as new bass player. They released three singles at the same time. The music sounded like Strebers but with a touch of western and heavy metal-influences instead of folkmusic. Bad english and other reasons made it necessary to change the name back to Strebers after only one and a half concert. A few years later when drummer Johnny (R.I.P) died in a tragic car accident they founded a new combo called Dia Psalma.” Well, let me say the sound is a bit U.K. aligned like G.B.H etc… and a big throw is this not really – I know better stuff from Wasaland – but fresh ironed and polished. Decide for yourself on what hour you put the Six Guns in.

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