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GRS, SRS, Sex Change Operation, Bottom Surgery…it goes by many names but no matter what you call it, it’s something that most people (especially cis people) know almost nothing about. Your Gender Rebels, Kath and Faith, discuss the information and the misinformation about this infamous, little understood, and fairly difficult to get medical procedure. 

The U.S. Trans Survey (USTS) is the largest survey ever devoted to the lives and experiences of trans people, with almost 28,000 respondents. Today, Dec 8, 2016,the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) launched the survey report!

Kath’s source for the percentages of transfolk who get ANY kind of gender confirmation surgery (top, bottom, or other), and those who never want bottom surgery
MtF gender confirmation surgery video, not at all gory, but probably NSFW.  
FtM gender confirmation surgery video.  Also not at all gory, also NSFW.  
For both videos, we recommend muting the sound (it’s just some odd music) and DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS.

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