To The Point

To The Point is a radical blast-fest of American powerviolence.  The line-up consists of hardcore punk veterans with an undoubted pedigree of mind-blowing talent.  This band reminds me of all the classic 90’s bands that sparked my interest the first place.  To The Point is mean and raw with an end result of instant-classic punk sounds.  Download what I could find below and melt your face!  Dig.
– Members Also Play(ed) In:  Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Infest, Actuary, Low Threat Profile, Burn Your Bridges, East/West Blast Test, Stikky, Marion Barry & Bacteria Cult

To The Point / Sidetracked Split 7″ (2015)

Give Me A Reason 7″ (2014)

Lathe Cut 3″ (2014)
To Live A Lie Volume II LP cover art
To Live A Lie Vol. II Comp. LP (2014)
ACxDC Split 7″ (2013)
(To The Point Tracks Only)

To The Point / Pick Your Side Split 10″ (2013)

The Rot Box 3x 7″ (2013)
(To The Point Tracks Only)

Mentally Checked Out 7″ (2012)

Success In Failure 7″ (2012)


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