TOXIC REASONS – God Bless America EP 1984

Toxic Reasons were a prolific band that went through many changes in both personel and musical direction over the years. The core group consisted of Bruce Stuckley (lead guitar/vocals), Bertram “Tufty” Clough (bass/vocals), Jimmy “JJ” Pearson (drums/vocals), and Rob Lucjak (guitar/vocals). None of the latter three were present when Stuckley started the band in Dayton, Ohio 1979. At that point he was playing bass, Joel Agne was on guitar, Mike Patteson played drums, and Ed Pittman was the lead singer. This line-up only stuck around long enough to record a two-song single, 1980’s War Hero 7″. After a second 7″ recorded with East Bay Ray, Toxic Reasons began work on their first full-length album Independence (more info in the file) – This is the third 7Inch on their own label T-Reason with three thrillers; furthermore on numerous compilations, for example: We Don’t Need Nuclear ForceThe Power Of Love and sometime in 1995 the band broke up.

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