V/A – Thesaurus #2 (Rock/Punk En France 1977-1979)

Second Volume by Cameleon Records with rare goodies of the early French punk era cobbled together on a double album with deatiled infos on the gatefold sleeve (unfortunately not within and I would be pleased about good scans)In addition to well-known songs that are almost always found contains this compilation many, for me, new interesting bands which made only a 7Inch or a demo but the numerous French posts in this blog make clear how big the underground scene was in this country and not only in the punk sector, also decent rock’n’roll comes from there and also wave, post-punk or garage stuff (see Volume 1). And now: open ears for twenty-eight glorious stars and have fun browsing the singles, should one be down leave a comment, I’ll fix it immediately.

1.Dog Day Afternoon – LARRY MARTIN FACTORY
2.La Blonde Et Moi – ROBERT KARAYAN
3.5ème Roue Du Système – LA CAME AUX DAMELIAS
4.J’Attends Qu’Elle Ait Ses 15 Ans – CAMBOUIS
5.Phallo-Nardco – ROCK’N’ROLLER
6.L’Entraîneuse – SMILER
7.Pauvre Petit Con – THERESE FORMOL
8.Tout Oublié – ROTTERS
9.Gwerz Marv Jorj Jackson – STORLOK
10.Cancer – A3 DANS LES WC
11.Cellule Block – FRAKTURE
12.Air-Tight Cell – MARQUIS DE SADE
13.Suspect – STRYCHNINE
14.Régi Par Le Sort – CAFÉ MOZART
15.Suicide – PRIVÉS
16.Images d’Epinal – BONDAGE-T
18.Génération Paumée – ARLEQUIN
19.J’ai Vécu Tout Ça – CORAIL
20.Only Fools Pretend To Be Happy – CHECKMATE
21.Fidèle Au Poste – SAFETY
22.Prends Ça – BRAMSTOCKER
23.Dépression – ALARM
24.Fils De L’Acier – MISTRAL
26.Je Suis Joueur – JEAN GUY RUFF
27.Qu’Est C’ Que J’ Deviens Dans Tout Ça – CHRIS ALICE
28.Sex Bazooka – ODEURS

– Great Thx to François –

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