V/A – Killed By Hardcore #2 2002

Redrum Records, you know what this means? Genau, massive rare punk stuff from the early days and now we meet the Hardcore section and this compilation is a great example of nasty bands from every angle of this planet. I quote from back cover: “Welcome to the second installment of Killed By Hardcore. Just like that others series by those useless eaters from hell. This one’s already going down hill… to the big money at the end of your wants list. Be warned: all anarchy & violence taken from original vinyls. So if it ain’t digital enough you can always listen to disco shit. So bummer bitches, you’ll find here explosive material of black small round flat 80s and invite your neighbors and enjoy a hearty BBQ with lots of beer.” Twenty-three more on Volume 1 – I wish you all a groovy Sunday and enjoy the music.

1.Fame – ZMIV
2.Dying In A Maze – HEADCLEANERS
4.Misguided Missile Mouth – E-13
6.Land Of The Brave – MECHT MENSCH
7.Mad At The World – YDI
8.Elintilaa – RIISTETYT
10.Miséria E Fome – INOCENTES
11.Det Er Bare Løgn – BETONG HYSTERIA
12.Think Of England – INSTANT AGONY
13.Compromises – NO LABELS
14.Starve To Death – VORKRIEGSPHASE
15.Religiøs Terror – FADER WAR
16.Man’s Ruin – TARGET OF DEMAND
17.I’m In Love With Nancy Reagan – TMA
18.Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell – AGENT ORANGE
19.Religion – E.A.T.E.R.
20.No More No – KURO
21.Pressform – EXTREM
22.Acid Casualty – KORO
23.Vägra – DISARM
24.No End In Sight – THE ABUSED
25.Guai A Voi! – CANI
26.Man Rape Blues – CHRONIC SICK
27.Mucho Macho – CHRONIC SICK

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