Wadj/Osokori Split CS

I’ve intended to post this split in some capacity online for some time now but I’ve been a lazy fucker about it. Oh well it’s here now.
So this tape was about ten months of planning, back and forth and more bullshit that imaginable. The long story short of this, is this was a frustrating tape to put out, and that was mostly at my own faults (and the fool I worked with in Osokori, but thats another story for another day).
Wadj as usual delivers exceedingly dumb and busted Ildjarn worship, with this being the most straightforward material to this point. Osokori is a seven minute Blackened HNW piece, it’s a track I’m proud of despite the baggage this track carries, and is and will be the only Osokori track. 
If this interests you at all the dl link is below. I intend on posting more to this after I’m back from tour, but we’ll see how much I hold myself to that


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