Whitehouse Blue


John Ferguson: guitar, vocals
Pete Smith: bass, vocals
Jeremy Robinson: drums, backing vocals
Tony Styles: lead guitar


I was interested to read this account of Whitehouse Blue. Before this band 2 of the members were part of Masters of Middle Earth, a band I had briefly been involved with. I include John’s recordings that he sent me for the blog, as well as his commentary of the tracks. Also, included below the recordings is Pete’s view of the recordings and some nice comments about Tony Styles.

John writes, “Jeremy, the drummer didn’t like the name Masters of Middle Earth. I think as we were changing we needed to find a new name. After much discussion, we chose the name of one of Pete/Smiddy’s songs. I didn’t like it much, but the other two did. As it was a democracy I was voted out! I’ll try to sort out a brief biog later”

John Ferguson writes, “Songs 1-4 from 1st demo, summer 1987. Recorded at Omega studio, Naworth Castle by Alex Warnes.

Songs 5-6 from 2nd demo, December 1987. Recorded at Cluny studio, Newcastle by persons unknown.

Song 7 recorded summer 1988 at Cottage Pie studio by Steve Harrison and someone else. “Unreleased”.

Songs 8-11 recorded live with vocal overdubs at Radio Carlisle (as was) for a Paul Armer session.

Recorded by persons unknown.
Songs 12-16 recorded 2008-10 at home by John Ferguson.

Songs 8-11 recorded early 1989!

Songs by: Pete Smith 1,4,6,14,15,16.
John Ferguson 2,3,5,7,8,11,12.
Jeremy Robinson 9.
Pete Smith and John Ferguson 10.
Cover of Tiffany song 13.

I decided to re-record some WB songs “properly” in 2010. “Premonition” was one of Pete’s songs. We used to open with it. I had to use my original guide vocals, hence the addition of “rough” to the title!”

Personnel: John Ferguson: guitar, vocals, all instruments on 12-16;
Pete Smith: bass, vocals;
Jeremy Robinson: drums, backing vocals;
Tony Styles: guitar on 8-11

[Beside this recording Pete sent me a CD of tracks. I will include his text that came with the CD as it gives a different perspective to John’s. The numbers to the tracks relate to the CD track listing and not to the audio above]

Pete Smith writes:
Tracks as follows,
1. Whitehouse Blue. (Smith)
2. One Day Love Affair. (Fergusson)
3. Writhing in the Nettles. (Fergusson) I think this track was previously named “Carlisle” mentioned in the MME section of the blog. You may have played this in the early days?
4. Walk Like Susannah Hoffs. (I think) inspired by the Smithereens “Behind the Wall of Sleep” but sounding nothing like it. Written about the lead singer of The Bangles.

This was our first proper demo recorded at Naworth Castle Brampton, 1985/86. The sound is shitty as the engineer and producer was unable or unwilling to let us crank up the volume to a level that would allow our normal guitar sound.

5. Go Your Own Way. (John)
6. Sex Religion and Money. (Pete)

Tracks 5 and 6 were recorded at Cluny Studios, Newcastle. A full day cost us a mint at the time, but we came away with smiles on our faces as we felt we had nailed a couple of good tracks (the difference is clear when you listen back to them. Even to this day they don’t sound half bad).
The engineer for this session was a Born Again Christian, I believe, God knows what he was thinking recording Sex, Religion & Money.

7. Go Your Own Way. (John) a different version recorded either specifically for a video or maybe a seven-inch single (can’t remember, JF. will put you straight).
Recorded at The Palace, Aglionby Street, Carlisle, and home to members of “Exit 43” Gary Kerr, Terry Kerr, Steven Harrison etc.

8. Losing My Mind. (JF words, PS music) (Fannied about with this for years before it ended up like this)

9. It’s Good to Know. (I think this is the title) JF and Jeremy Robinson
10. 7am. (John)
11. Take It Away (John) i think this is the title?

8,9,10,11, recorded ar Radio Cumbria for a Youth Radio Programme called T.I.U. (Turn It Up).

Tracks 9 and 11 are notable because ‘I think’ Tony Styles played guitar at the Radio Cumbria sessions, that is what my memory is telling me. John I had the clean part and Tony played the distorted part. Tony was definitely in the band by the time we recorded 8,9,10,11
If he did play then it would be not long before his untimely death (talented guitarist and great bloke, I knew him as a friend through ‘Ste’ (Andrew Stephenson), before he played with us. Playing with him as a 4 piece was great. He was the missing piece to our Jigsaw.

Some Photos taken from John Fergusson’s Facebook page…with permission:


Back stage at Stars and Stripes


John Fergusson


Tony Styles, John Fergusson, Jeremy Robinson, Pete Smith


John Fergusson


john.jpg33The Carlisle Rock Festival 1988 at the Sands Centre! Other bands on that day included: Sid & The Four Corners, Flour, Keltic Storm, The Hill Bandits, The Motorcycle Boy, and Tigertailz. — withJeremy Robinson and Pete Smith.

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