[Year-End] – ‘Get Off My Lawn, 2009!’ (2009)


As far as music made in the 2000s goes, I’ve encountered it pretty much the way an old man sitting on his porch sees the kids who walk down the street: accidentally, viewed with suspicion, what with their crazy haircuts and eyepods, whilst muttering about the good old days.  Ok, so I’m not quite as curmudgeonly as that–there’s actually been a lot of music made this decade I’ve loved–but this blog is generally a testament to the fact that my attention has been directed elsewhere.  Still, I’m a music geek–just because I’m not really qualified won’t stop me from making a mix documenting the year as I managed to hear it (blaring from the goddamned headphones of the teenaged hoodlums in the neighborhood).

Two albums especially stood out to me this year: Fever Ray‘s ‘Fever Ray’ (more or less a new album by The Knife); and the big surprise, The Flaming Lips‘ ‘Embryonic,’ which grabbed me so much I had to make a mix in response.  Each was something of an “album album,” difficult to convey through a single track.  But they fit into the pervasive atmosphere of this mix (not sure if it’s the result of my scattershot listening or some actually representative strain of internet-era almost-zeitgeist) of dirty, fuzzy, clattering darkness, cunning north-north-west madness, and a healthy dose of sweetness.  The Harvey Girls, Dominique Leone, Voodoo Economics, David Sylvian, Animal Collective, Mos Def, Radian, and Faust create a slightly exotic nocturnal bazaar of sound.    Reflecting an uncertain world that still wants to believe in beauty are Mirah, The Subcons, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Grizzly Bear, Vitalic and Junior Boys.  Unless I’m just hearing it with rose-colored hearing aids, (possible given its punning title,) my favorite song of the year, Matt Anders‘ “Schtick Around” (streamable above,) is a heartbreakingly wonderful, almost-unabashed declaration of love and hopefulness–under its bright synthetic kit and half-autotuned vocals, Old Man Soundslike thinks it’s a lovely tune, like they made the old days.

‘Various – Get Off My Lawn, 2009, And Stop That Racket!
A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Shopping During the Apocalypse

Part 1
01  [00:00]  Air – “Love” (Love 2, 2009)
02  [02:36]  Flaming Lips – “The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine” (Embryonic, 2009)
03  [06:41]  Mirah – “Shells” (Aspera, 2009)
04  [09:05]  Harvey Girls – “Tickle” (I’ve Been Watching A Lot of Horror Movies Lately, 2009)
05  [12:36]  David Sylvian – “Money”  (Manafon, 2009)
06  [14:49]  David Bazan – “Lost My Shape” (Curse Your Branches, 2009)
07  [18:28]  Dominique Leone – “Sometimes You’ve Got to Be Happy” (Abstract Expression, 2009)
08  [22:55]  The Subcons – “I Respired” (Unreleased, 2009)
09  [27:08]  Lee Fields & The Expressions – “Love Comes and Goesl” (My World, 2009)
10  [30:10]  Fever Ray – “Dry and Dusty” (Fever Ray, 2009)

Part 2
11  [00:00]  Grizzly Bear – “About Face” (Veckatimist, 2009)
12  [03:20]  Voodoo Economics – “Meathook” (Nighttime Sabbaticals, 2009)
13  [08:00]  Animal Collective – “Daily Routine” (Merriweather Post Pavilion, 2009)
14  [13:29]  Mos Def – “Twilite Speedball” (The Ecstatic, 2009)
15  [16:08]  Vitalic – “Your Disco Song” (Flashmob, 2009)
16  [19:43]  Radian – “”Subcolors” (Chimeric, 2009)
17  [23:57]  Junior Boys – “What’s It For” (Begone Dull Care, 2009)
18  [28:55]  Faust – “Lass Mich” (Version Originale) (Cest Com Com Complique, 2009)
19  [30:48]  Matt Anders – “Schtick Around” (A Whisper to No Face, 2009)

[Total Time: 67:17]

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