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Γκούλαγκ – Πάτα Γερά (1996) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Γκούλαγκ

Album: Πάτα Γερά

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Lazy Dog Records

Release Country: Greece

Record Type: 8 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Γκούλαγκ (pronounced and meaning: Gulag - name taken from the Soviet forced labour camps) is a Greek band from Thessaloniki, formed in December 1985. Their music is a mixture of punk, hardcore with some metal and melodic elements.
1987: 1st live performance in Athens, at "Vrahikikloma Club", Ilioupoli.
1988: First European tour, performing live in Norway, Germany and Italy.
On 8/2/1988 they played along with 'The Ex' at "Σινέ Αργώ".
On 30/9/1988 they performed live in Thessaloniki, along with 'Chaos UK', 'Εκτός Ελέγχου', 'Ναυτία' & 'Μεταλλακτικοί'.
1990 January/February: Second European tour, performing live in Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy.
On 22/1/1994 they performed live at 'Παράρτημα' (Patra) along with 'Ναυτία', Death Courier' & '90% Angel'.
On 27/5/199 (...)


8 Tracks
A1 Πάτα Γερά
A2 Άσχημος Ύπνος
A3 Είμαι Ο Ένας
A4 Τα Φτερά Της Ψυχής
B1 Τα Παιδιά, Μόνο...
B2 Εν Ψυχρώ
B3 Κλείσ' Τα Μάτια Σου
B4 Εύφλεκτα Υλικά

p&c 1996 Lazy Dog Records

Recorded in Thessaloniki from 12th to 22nd of January 1996.

Insert with lyrics/info in Greek/English.

A2 listed on back sleeve as "Ένας Άσχημος Ύπνος".

Tracklist in English (from insert):

A1 Stand On Your Feet

A2 Bad Sleep

A3 I Am The One

A4 The Wings Of Soul

B1 The Kids, Only...

B2 In Cold Blood

B3 Close Your Eyes

B4 Inflammable Material

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