2016-04-28 EP REVIEW – THE BAREFOOT SAILORS "Davy Jones’ Locker" (2016)

The Barefoot Sailors “Davy Jones’ Locker” EP
Release date: April 20th, 2016
Running time: 6:39, 3 tracks

Another gem from Canada, this time from Bay of Quinte (Ontario). I came across The Barefoot Sailors last year, when the title track from this EP was available for free on Bandcamp and I loved them straightaway. Now they have finally released their 3 track EP on vinyl and, definitely, I need a bigger dose.

The Barefoot Sailors began as a side project of Dan, who was the lead singer and bass player for the punk band The Dead Sparrows. He recorded a 7 track demo under the moniker The Barefoot Sailor two years ago (available HERE ) and some friends added fiddle and accordion. The Dead Sparrows called it quits and Dan (vocals, guitar), together with band mate Buggi (guitar player for The Dead Sparrows and mandolinist on the new project), Stef B (bass) and Steve B (drums), re-activated his former solo project adding the final S to the name.

The EP kicks-off with the titled track, “Davy Jones’s Locker”. I daresay that this catchy fast-paced song is a mandolin driven number with a The Queers pop-punk twist. Pirate pop-punk? Yes, excellent pirate pop-punk.

The next song is a re-recording of “No Freedom in Country (A Love Song)”, whose original version can be found on the 7 track demo. Kick-ass number to sing-along, a sort of a The Bay Street Bastards (celtic punk from Thunder Bay, Ontario) meet Gimp Fist (street punk from the North Esat of England) song.

The EP is over with “Marijuana and the Stars”, a classic R’n’R infused number with a Whiskey Wagon approach.

As it has been mentioned at the top, “Davy Jones’ Locker” was originally released as a very limited 7inch vinyl available in premium packaging and hand numbered (only 20 available 20 CAD a piece) that obviously sold out immediately. The amazing artwork was made by Tim Snyder, Sean Pappa D Doyle recorded the songs at Pappa D’s Studio in Prince Edward County and Jef Vandertogt  mixed it. The digital version can be purchased from Bandcamp. By the way, all the lyrics to the songs are on Bandcamp too.

The Barefoot SailorsDavy Jones’ Locker”: “It’s as if punk, folk, celtic, and bluegrass threw up, and all that was left was a mass of dead pirates in the Bay of Quinte. You know, Sail Punk.” Enough said. Brilliant!


1. Davy Jones’ Locker 01:59
2. No Freedom In Country (A Love Song) 02:01
3. Marijuana and the Stars 02:34


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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