2016-05-08 EP REVIEW – JACK FLASH "Nothing but a Bad Dream" (2016) + FREE DOWNLOADS

Jack Flash “Nothing but a Bad Dream”
Release date: April 8, 2016
Running time: 24:51, 8 tracks

Sad news. Recently the Danish band Rovers Ahead disbanded and now, after 10 years on the road, the Aussie band Jack Flash call it a day.

Before saying goodbye, Tom Michel (vocals, mandolin), Luke Mysliwy (fiddle, tin whistle, bckg vocals), Blaise Clement (acoustic guitar, backg vocals), Shai Clement (acoustic guitar, bckg vocals), Liam Walsh (drums, bckg vocals and Jacke Hickey (electric guitar, backing vocals) have delivered a final EP.

“Well, here it is at last. Our final offering to the music god’s, our swan song, our epitaph. Every last shred of creativity we had left as a group poured out, and as far as I’m concerned, the last word on Folk Punk (we’re nothing if not modest). Ok perhaps that’s taking it a bit too far, but it IS the final recorded word from Jack Flash, and we are very proud of it. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Available now for download on bandcamp, has it really been close to a decade? or was it all… ‘Nothing but a bad dream‘?

This is indeed our Swan Song, which means that the band is really calling it quits. So don’t miss your chance to see us live! We have a show coming up at The Beetle Bar in Brisbane on Friday 3rd June , and Saturday 4th June in The Celtic Room of The Irish Club Hotel, Toowoomba. Would love to see as many people as possible come and give us a send off!”

Nothing But a Bad Dream” consists of 8 tracks, one instrumental intro, 6 songs and another version of one of the songs.

Intro” kicks off with an acoustic guitar, a fiddle and bass. It has a Western feel and little by little becomes electric. It’s stuck to the next number, “Gypsy Six Pack”, an amazing folk metal inspired song with top notch fiddling, woah chorus and gang vocals at the end.

The Frosty Winter Morning” features tin whistle instead of fiddle. Colonial folk punk at its best.

The Haunting” is maybe less “Aussie” and more “American punk” regarding the sound, where echoes to NOFX can be noticed. Once again, the gang vocals are really good, let alone the electric guitar and the fiddle.

Jack Flash move to a quieter end on “Hold On”, probably the folkiest number on the EP. There is some fiddle, but the guys sing a cappella, clapping and using their feet as percussion.

The Revenge” is an epic number featuring Hanny J on guest vocals. Kick-ass number and a personal fave.

Tin whistle instead of fiddle is used again on “Where Ya Gonna Run”, where Jack Flash sound as as sort of an Aussie version of Flogging Molly.

The EP comes to its end with another version of “The Revenge”. This time Hanny J sings lead vocals instead of backing vocals.

Nothing but a Bad Dream” is a digital only release. The album artwork has been made by Adam Rose and the album was recorded, mixed and mastered once again by Bryce Moorhead at The Shed Recording Studio.

So, go to bandcamp, buy a copy of “Nothing But a Dream” and get the rest of their discography by paying what you want. They’ll be missed.


1. Intro 01:47   
2. Gypsy Six Pack 02:53   
3. The Frosty Winters Morning 03:47   
4. The Haunting 03:48   
5. Hold On 01:14   
6. The Revenge Ft. Hanny J 03:19   
7. Where Ya Gonna Run 04:22   
8. The Revenge – Hanny J Full Version 03:23

Triple J Unearthed
Bandcamp (full discography, previous recordings available under “Name Your Price“)

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Review by Kinksmarkham

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