2016-05-09 FREE DOWNLOADS – Oi! N’AST Discography

Oi! N’Ast was a Celtic oi! band from Asturies that was active between 1999 and 2006. As they disbanded 10 years ago, the band’s manager has created a Facebook page for the band and uploaded their discography to Bandcamp (Name Your Price).



Hugo – vocals
Nacho – drums
Peque – electric guitar
Raúl – electric guitar
Marco – bass
Lara – bagpipes
Xuan N – bagpipes
Pixi – manager

Former members

Nano – Electric guitar
Xuan – bass
Iván – Bagpipes
Chus – bagpipes


Sangre y Fierru” (12 tracks, 2012)

Track “Azul y amariellu” on the compilation “100% papel del WC” (no. 3, 2001)
Track “Gausón el Terrible” on the compilation “L’asturianu vive, la llucha sigue” (2002)
Track “La mesma voz” on the compilation “Música de la calle” (Busca y Destruye vol. 3, 2002)
Track “Caos” on the compilation “Asturies hardcore, punk, oi!” (2003)
Tracks “Brenga Celta” and “Homes del norte” on the compilation “Rock’n’llingua” (2004)
Track “Gotta Go” on the compilation “Frente Agnóstico” (Tributo a Agnostic Front) (2010)



sangre y fierru by Oi N’ast

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