2016-05-24 ALBUM REVIEW – DRUNKEN DOGS "Pints" (2016)

Drunken Dogs “Pints” Self-released
Release date: March 12, 2016
Running time: 34:22, 14 tracks

Several amazing albums from Canada have been reviewed here in the last three months. And this one is not an exception: Drunken Dogs’ sophomore album “Pints”. Osrich GurCoven (lead vocals, flute and whistles), Gary Carleton (guitar, vocals), Carl Racicot (bass, backing vocals), Ben LaBaguette (drums), Lucas Choi Zimbel (accordion, backing vocals) and Pat Campeau (mandolin) are back with their Pogues inspired universe.

Dolfia” is the first anthem on the album. This brilliant song is followed by “Battleground”, another gem in the Greenlamd Whalefishers vein. “Life of Luxury” is sung by Gary: a perfect theme and a 80’s-90’s infused song that The Pogues and The Whisky Priests fans will love straightaway.

Track no. 4 is called “Black Wind and it keeps the spirit of their previous album. The next number is a top-notch instrumental, “Gunnar’s Lament”, where Frank Lacasse guests on percussion. “Hound of Ulster” is another upbeat song featuring Osrich vocal antics while “Ode to the Highlands” is sung again by Gary (BTW, this song features a part of Edvar Grieg’s “Peer Gynt”)

Drunken Dogs move to a different territory on “People of the Worm” a gypsy/East European song. After some “usual” numbers (“Everlasting” and “Drinking in Tír na nÓg”), Drunken Dogs deliver a couple of awesome songs. “Meat Locker” kicks off with some kids voices and soon burst into a festive number. “Pints” can be filed together with The Pogues’ stuff from the “Hell’s Ditch” era.

To finish up, Gary sings “Road to Nowhere”, an excellent dancing number where Osrich sings second vocals, and, finally,  Osrich sings “Fuck You, you fucking Fuck”, a sort of a tribute to The DescendentsWeinerschnitzel”.

Pints” is housed in a jewel case with a 12 page booklet (lyrics to all of the songs, a drawing for every song, thank yous, band pic and studio credits). The album is dedicated to the memory of Arthur Gunn (March 1944-June 2013) and was recorded and mixed by Carl Racicot. Pi S.Cutler was in charge of the mastering.

I strongly recommend Drunken DogsPints” to every Celtic punk fan, but particularly to The Pogues, Greenland Whalefishers and the early Mahones fans. Now, go  to Bandcamp and grab a copy!


01. Dolfia 02:07   
02. Battle Ground 03:24   
03. Life of Luxury 02:31   
04. Black Wind 01:37   
05. A Gunnar’s Lament 03:05   
06. Hound of Ulster 02:23   
07. Ode to the Highland 03:08   
08. People of the Worm 02:10   
09. Everlasting 03:12
10. Drinking in Tir Nan’og 04:13   
11. Meat Locker 02:03   
12. Pints 01:17   
13. Road to Nowhere 02:54
14. Fuck you, you fucking fuck 00:


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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