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2016-07-10 ALBUM REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD – SIGELPA "Rabant original" (2016)

Sigelpa “Rabant original”
Release date: July 8, 2016
Running time: 28:14, 14 tracks

The Catalonian folk-rock/Celtic punk scene is alive and kicking. Ebri Knight released their third album last year, Lád Cúig have recently released their second album and Sigelpa have just released “Rabant original”, their second album too. I guess that most of you are familiar with the band’s sound: electric guitar, fiddle, diatonic accordion and two vocalists (boy and girl).

Fourteen tracks are delivered in less than 30 minutes: one intro, 11 self-penned songs in their mother tongue and two traditional numbers sung in Galician and English.

The album opener is called “(pou)”. Pou is the Catalonian word for well and the short intro is a guy falling down in a well. The last number is titled “Sexual GGesus”, a kick-ass song featuring bluegrass sounding flddle about singer GG Allin, whose original name was Jesus Christ Allin.

There are a lot of interesting numbers to pick up between those tracks: the amazing “Aqui ens tens” (one of my faves), “Bronca” with its Breton twist, the punk-pop infused “Rabant Original” (another highlight), “Culvolució” with its bluegrass fiddling, and the two covers. “A Saia da Carolina” was previously released in 2015 as a single. Brilliant rendition that reminds me of Bastards on ParadeQuen tenha vinho”. “Excursion Around the Bay” is a newfie number that was recorded by Great Big Sea on their debut album. Sigelpa’s cover is simply perfect: firstly, the lead vocals sing a cappella with some backing vocals harmonies; secondly, percussion is added; thirdly, some hey shouts are added, and finally the song is given the Sigelpa’s full band Celtic punk treatment. Together with those tracks, a video for one song has been released: the catchy “Dinamita” (video HERE ).

A quick review of the rest of the tracks: “Puta Ciutat”, the typical Sigelpa’s sound, “Mojigatrix”, a hardcore number, “L’infern está pujant”, a ska-punk track, “Exorcisme vaginal”, a song with a Spanish folk metal touch, andUs tornarem a votar”, a number about our current democracy and election system in which people keep on voting the politicians who sold them down the river and that apparently are corrupt too.

Rabant original” has been funded by their fands via verkami. It’s been recorded and mixed by JM Castelló and Matias Scheinkman at Canela Hank Studio (Barcelona) and mastered at Hitmakers Mastering (Barcelona) by Marco Rostagno. The album will be available for free at Bandcamp till next July 15th, 2016. Hurry up and enjoy this festive album by Terrassa’s finest band.


01. (pou) 00:21   
02. Aquí Ens Tens 03:07   
03. Bronca 01:21   
04. Puta Ciutat 01:48   
05. A Saia Da Carolina 02:23   
06. Rabant Original 02:24   
07. Dinamita 01:12   
08. Us Tornarem A Votar 02:10   
09. Culvolució 02:20   
10. Mojigatrix 01:51   
11. Excursion Around The Bay 02:31   
12. L’Infern Està Pujant 01:49   
13. Exorcisme Vaginal 02:31
14. Sexual GGesus 01:55


Click to buy / FREE DOWNLOAD TILL JULY 15th 2016:


Review by Kinksmarkham

Rated 4.5/5 based on 777 customer reviews

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