2016-07-27 ALBUM REVIEW – THE LOGUES "Comin’ of Age"

The Logues “Comin’ of Age” LGS009
Release date: May 29, 2016
Running time: 46:05, 14 tracks

The Logues released their debut album “Tough at the Bottom” in 2011. As they say on the liner notes, they’ve only managed to write two albums in 10 years. Anyway, before releasing “Comin’ of Age”, they released three singles in 2014-2015, “Bless the Land”, “Fly Free” and “I Don’t Love You at All”. Together with those three songs and another three that were recorded live at Townhouse Bar in Castleberg (“Home”, “All I Want is You”” and “I’m on Fire”), The Logues recorded the core of their sophomore album at EdenVella: 6 news songs and 2 versions of previously released songs.

I have enjoyed their lively numbers based on the banjo and tin whistle sounds: the opener “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder”, the catchy “Bless the Land”, “I Don’t Love You at All” where Creeds Cross meet Dexy’s Midnight Runners, the Spirit of the West infused “Yvonne John” (“a song based around the mispronunciation of a brand of Dutch rolling tobacco”), the country number “All I Want is You”, the re-recording of “No Place Like Home”, the Shane MacGowan and The Popes inspired song “Paisley Pattern” and the brilliant instrumental à la Led FarmersLagan’s Lament”.

As usual, “Comin’ of Age” comes in a four panel digipack with all the songs and studio credits, line-up, guests and liner notes.

If you loved the album that their neighbours O’Hanlons Horsebox released last year, The LoguesComin’ of Age” has plenty of songs that you’ll like.


01. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 1:49   
02. Bless the Land 3:38   
03. Better Man 3:44
04. I Don’t Love You at All 2:15
05. Home 3:21
06. Yvonne John 3:31
07. Sirens Call 4:12
08. Fly Free 3:37   
09. Drinkin’ with God 4:34
10. All I Want Is You 2:29
11. No Place Like Home 3:14
12. Paisley Pattern 2:32
13. Logan’s Lament 3:29   
14. I’m on Fire 3:20


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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