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2016-08-21 ALBUM REVIEW – DRINK HUNTERS "Shameless" (2016)

Drink Hunters “Shameless”
Release date: August 10, 2016
Running time: 28:52, 11 tracks

Drink Hunters are back with their third album, “Shameless”. Some line-up changes have occurred, as Rosa (button accordion) and Fernando (fiddle) left the band and Biel from Lád Cúig is the new fiddler. However, Drink Hunters have not changed their style, since “Shameless” is another dose of the same SoCal punk infused stuff that they’ve been delivering from the beginning. The production is top-notch and the balance between the punk instruments (electric guitar, bass and drums) and the folk instruments (tin whistle and fiddle) is perfect.

The starting point to this new Celtic punk trip is “1234”. The first passage reminds me of Green Day from the “Dookie” era, but the song is 100% Drink Hunters: a fast paced number, excellent chorus and backing vocals and great fiddle and whistle arrangements.

The next song, “Trashy Music”, is one of my faves thanks to their infectious chorus. Drink Hunters are really tight on this number about sellout bands whose only goal is to top the charts and make money.

Do More Listening” is another highlight on “Shameless”. The lyrics are about the most common nightmare when Spanish people are learning English as a foreign language and the solution that the teachers usually provide.

Drink Hunters advanced a couple of acoustic versions for songs from “Shameless”. “I Need to Forget” was one of them, a song with a slight Nirvana feel. The brilliant rhythm section is showcased on the title track, “Shameless”.

Picnic Blanket” is probably the folkiest song on the Drink Hunters discography. The polka arrangements come straight from the Kerry area. Needless to say that I love this song.

My Car” is the other song that got the acoustic treatment on video. SoCal Celtic punk at its best with fantastic fiddle and tin whistle arrangements.

Track no. 8 is titled “34” and features guest “El Nota” on the rap part. “What Am I Waiting for” and “Someone Else” are typical Drink Hunters fast-paced numbers before reaching the album climax: “Celtic Punks”, a catchy number that will become the Spanish Celtic punk scene unofficial anthem. The words “We are Celtic Punks” can be heard on Basque, Galician Asturian, Castillan (Brutus Daughters on guests vocals) and Catalonian languages.

Legend has it that Paul McKenzie told that new fans are expecting to listen to some Dropkick Murphys infused music when they go to a Drink Hunters gig, but they are surprised when they get a great deal of Bad Religion and Pennywise influenced songs. Yes, Drink Hunters have created their own niche and probably their punk side is bigger than the Celtic one. But one thing is for sure: their sound is perfect. I’ve listened to a lot of albums where the tin whistle or the pipes are “killed” by the electric instruments in the final mix. However, Drink Hunters and the guys and the studio have done a great job and tin whistle and fiddle are showcased as they deserve it. You can contact the band via Facebook to buy a copy. Go ahead, you won’t regret it!


01. 1234 2:25
02. Trashy Music 2:48
03. Do More Listening 2:13
04. I Need To Forget 2:14
05. Shameless 2:12
06. Picnic Blanket 2:06
07. My Car 3:00
08. 34 2:56
09. What Am I Waiting For? 3:11
10. Someone Else 2:07
11. Celtic Punks 3.15


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Rated 4.5/5 based on 694 customer reviews

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