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2016-11-11 FREE DOWNLOAD: TAIL LIGHT REBELLION "Broken" (2016)

Tail Light Rebellion have just released a new album on Bancamp (Name Your Price) “Broken“.
“All Songs written by Jonathan ‘Swagger’ Natale
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jonathan ‘Swagger’ Natale
All Music by Jonathan Natale except Second guitar on The Reason and Mandolin on Carry On by Rob Black

(c) 2011-2016 Outlaw Waltz Publishing
ASCAP. All Rights Reserved

Album Cover by Jane Lurch

This album is dedicated to the angels and devils of this life, past and present:

– to the ones who burn brightly for all to see, lighting the way for us all; My gratitude and thanks.

– to the dearly departed; May your light ever onward through our cherished memories.

– to leeches, traitors, and anyone else who steals the light; Your time will come.

None shall be forgotten.

In particular, there are a few cherished souls that I wish to name for doing more for me or this album than I can ever put into words

Buck Boswell
Denise Vertucci
Erik Petersen
Griffin Sullivan
Isaac Onigman
Lamaine Lewis
Meaghan Casey
Nathan Maynard
Rob Black
Scotty Theunissen
Tiffany Beyer
Tim P McCarthy
Timothy Scrimmy Bouchard
Wee and Mighty Dawn Williams
Wyatt Peterson

Thank you.”


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