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2016-12-17 EP REVIEW – THE WHIPJACKS "Scoundrels and Rogues" (2016)

The Whipjacks “Scoundrels and Rogues”
Release date: December 8, 2016
Running time: 15:16, 4 tracks

London Celtic Punks are doing a great job both locally and internationally. At a local level, they are often unveiling new bands from the UK. One of them is The Whipjacks. The Whipjacks are Tim Pearson (drums & backing vocals), Ash Curtis (bass & backing vocals), Dean Miles (vocals), Tim Wright (electric guitar & backing vocals) and Arran Gould (mandolin, acoustic guitar & backing vocals) and they hail from Worcestershire. The band was founded in 2006, but the current line-up was established in 2015. Original guitarist and accordion player Tim Stamps was battling ill health and he decided to leave the band then. The guys were thinking about calling it a day, but Tim whished that they keep on playing. Sadly Tim passed away last May.

The Whipjacks EP is called “Scoundrels and Rogues”. There three songs and four tracks, since there are two versions for the title track: the original one and the “clean” radio edit. “Scoundrels and Rogues” (video here ) is an amazing song that places The Whipjacks together with other English acts like Mick O’Toole and The Hydropaths. Catchy chorus, kick-ass mandolin and electric guitar.

My Madness (Molly Murphy)” tells the tale of a guy who meets and marries a girl called Molly Murphy: “She stole away my heart / Then she stole away my life / Though I still live and breathe / I’ve got a devil for a wife”. Great track featuring accordion and, once again, electric guitar.

The third track is titled “Campfire Song”. It’s a festive mandolin driven number with an early The Men They Couldn’t Hang twist.

The Whipjacks EP artwork is courtesy of Loz at Circle of Swords Tattoo Worcester. If you’re interested in buying “Scoundrels and Rogues”, drop the band a line.

Track list:

1. Scoundrels and Rogues 3:44
2. My Madness (Molly Murphy) 4:37   
3. Campfire Song 3:13
4. Scoundrels and Rogues (Radio Edit) 3:48


Contact the band to buy the CD.
Review by Kinksmarkham

Rated 4.5/5 based on 665 customer reviews

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