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2016-12 EP REVIEW – THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY "Whitewashed Graves" (2016)

The Ramshackle Army “Whitewashed Graves” Folk til Ya Punk Records
Release date: December, 2nd 2016
Running time: 19:11, 6 tracks

The CD that you’ve been waiting for the last two years has just arrived. The Ramshackle Army previous effort, their debut album “Letters from the Road less Travelled”, topped no. 2 at our Best of list for 2014. So I guess that everybody was looking forward to hearing a new album. However,  the third work by Aussie band The Ramshackle Army is another EP. Anyway, “Whitewashed Graves” is one of the best CDs of the year: catchy choruses and backing vocals, brilliant banjo by Josh, kick ass fiddle by Kat, and, obviously, Gaz fronting the band with his powerful vocals.

Back Up Again” is the first track. Some guitar, vocals and drums and then the full band speed up. As usual, a catchy banjo and fiddle theme and an epic end.

The next number is the well-known song “Foreign Soil”, which was previously released as single (video HERE ). Needless to say that it’s one of the album highlights thanks to the hypnotic banjo picking and the woah backing vocals.

Dust and Cobwebs” has a pop-punk feel and an energetic chorus. Once again, Josh and Kat showcase their skills.

Track no. 4 is one of my faves, “Homecoming”. The beginning has a SZMB twist thanks to the banjo and the fiddle. Litte by little, the song gets a rocking treatment. It’s followed by “Protest Songs”, another song that stand outs. Nice banjo and fiddle tune, an overall sound that reminds me of Canadian band Jimmy George and then a different banjo and fiddle melody. My favourite lyrics, by the way.

The EP comes to its end with “Dry Dead Bones”, a DKM infused song that moves forward little by little till reaching its climax.

The Ramshackle Army have already shared the stage with Dropkick Murphys and toured the USA. Taking into account how the European audience have welcomed The Rumjacks, I feel that they should come over here soon.

Track list:

1. Back Up Again 03:20   
2. Foreign Soil 02:49   
3. Dust and Cobwebs 03:24   
4. Homecoming 02:39   
5. Protest Songs 03:52
6. Dry Dead Bones 03:03

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