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2017-02-04 ALBUM REVIEW – MUDMEN "Old Plaid Shirt" (2016)

Mudmen “Old Plaid Shirt” Mudpiper Records
Release date: December 9, 2016
Running time: 42:41, 11 tracks

The Mudmen were founded in 1998 by piper brothers Sandy and Robby Campbell in 1998. In almost 20 years the band from Ontario (Canada) have released 9 studio albums. The band have had different line-ups, from 6 to 5 members and the current incarnation is Sandy and Robby Campbell on bagpipes, Mike Meacher on lead vocals, mandolin and banjo, Dan Westenenk on bass and Jeremy Burton on drums.

Apart from a Celtic standards based album released in 2012, “Donegal Danny”, The Mudmen discography has neither a live album, nor a best of compilation. Obviously the band’s approach has evolved from the earlier hard-rock sound with a punk twist to the mature sound of “Old Plaid Shirt”. No worries, the top-notch pipes are always there.

My personal favorites are tracks 1, 3, 4 and 6. “Been Somewhere” kicks off with bagpipes and drums and banjo behind them. “Old Plaid Shirt” is the title track, but also an infectious pipes led number to sing along and dance.  “… in an old plaid shirt they’ll bury me”. Class! Acoustic guitar can be heard at the beginning of “This Old World”; then the beat speeds up and the brilliant pipes join. “Whiskey Princess” is a rocking number, probably the catchiest track on the album together with “Old Plaid Shirt”. Other numbers that will please the fans would be “Here’s to You”, “On a Tractor”, “My Best Friend” and the rousing “Captain of Men“.

On a Plaid Shirt” is a Canadian to the bone album where musicianship and quality songwriting meet. Just give the album some spins and you’ll appreciate The Mudmen’s universe: “blue collar guys from small towns.” Enjoy!


01 – Been Somewhere 3:36
02 – Here’s To You 4:23
03 – Old Plaid Shirt 4:22
04 – This is Old World 4:30
05 – The Storm 4:54
06 – Whiskey Princess 3:38
07 – On A Tractor 3:33
08 – My Best Friend 3:33
09 – Captain of Men 3:29
10 – I Want To Go 2:54
11 – Simply Things 3:44


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Rated 4.5/5 based on 725 customer reviews

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