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2017-03-15 ALBUM REVIEW – CELKILT "Stand" (2017)

Celkilt “Stand”
Release date: March 11, 2017
Running time: 47:12, 13 tracks


If you have a look to my review of CelkiltOn the Table” (HERE) these were my last words: “Nevertheless, I’d appreciate very much if the next time they could jump from the 9 track/30 minute  CD format to the 12 track/40 minute CD format.”

The five piece band from Roanne delivered 2 EPs and 2 mini-albums between 2011 and 2014. In 2015 they issued a Christmas song mini-album (10 songs, running time: 25 minutes). Finally, they’ve gone out of their comfort zone in 2017 with their brand new album “Stand”. Yes, “Stand” consists of 13 tracks and its running time is around 47 minutes!!!

Celkilt know what they fans expect from them. All of their CDs have their own trademark. However, it’s also obvious that the band is evolving and every new CD offers new things that improve the band’s universe.

The “standard” Celkilt sound can be noticed on tracks no. 3, no. 11 and no. 12. “I Don’t Have a Brain” is a Celtic pop-punk number featuring fiddle and tin whistle and lots of “Hey” shouts; “Better” is another standout, with pipes and a more “American” sound; and “The Last Day of My Life” has a traditional sounding tune showcasing fiddle and tin whistle and a fantastic percussion end.

The kick-ass bagpipes rock is represented by the opening number “Sometimes I Care” (it reminds me of AC/DCThunderstruck”) and “Kilt up”, the “up yer kilt” song with its short rap part towards the end.

The self-penned sets of tunes are compulsory on a Celkilt CD. There are two instrumentals on “Stand”: “Gavotte Party/Whipping Reel/Motherjigger” is an infectious Celtic rock set, while “Hornjigger” gets a “pub” treatment.

But the set of tunes are not the only numbers with a traditional feel. “All the Way” is a fantastic shanty. “Fall in Place” has a Breton feel both on singing and pipes. And even if “I Gotta Run” is a fast-paced Celtic pop-punk, the fiddle has a Hungarian twist.

The three surprises would be the ethereal “Lost and Found“, “Stand”, a song that gives the latest Dropkick Murphys‘ album a run for their money, and “Superpower”, with its drunken backing vocals and la-la-las.

Celkilt have always had a fun approach. Some people would say that their CDs should be shorter than 33 minutes then. They’re wrong. “Stand” is as enjoyable as any of the band’s previous offerings. In fact, I’d daresay that it’s even better.

Tracking list:

01 – Sometimes I Care 2:50
02 – Kilt Up 3:11
03 – I Don’t Have A Brain 3:19
04 – Fall In Place 5:14
05 – Lost And Found 3:27
06 – Gavotte Party / Whipping Reel / Mother Jigger 5:23
07 – All The Way 1:43
08 – I Gotta Run 1:46
09 – Hornjig 2:17
10 – Superpower 3:45
11 – Better 3:40
12 – The Last Day Of My Life 4:01
13 – Stand 6:35


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Review by Kinksmarkham
 Celkilt – Kilt up!

Celkilt – Fall in Place

Celkilt – I Gotta Run

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