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2017-04-04 ALBUM REVIEW – BENJAMING’S CLAN "Sedm statečných" (2017)

Benjaming’s Clan “Sedm statečných”
Release date: January 28, 2017
Running time: 53:30, 14 tracks

Sedm statečných” is the second album released by Czech band Benjaming’s Clan. The bagpipes punk family band Benjaming Band evolved into a Celtic rock band when Polish musician Jacek joined them. A new approach involved a new name. Another Polish musician came on board, fiddler Gřešek. Later, Gřešek left the band and they hired the services of female fiddler Barča. Gřešek came back and currently Benjaming’s Clan are a 7 piece band. In fact, the title of their brand new album “Sedm statečných” means “The Magnificent Seven”.

It would be simple to say that the old bagpipes punk band evolved into a bagpipes rock band. But this would not be 100% right. The bagpipes rock side of the band is showcased on the amazing song “Baby Boxy”, the interesting tribal number “Šel do baru”, “Všude kde jsi” with a Mudmen touch, the bluesy “Zeleznej Dedek”, “Pohádková” or the opening track “Andel strážný”. But there are quite a few Celtic rock numbers were no pipes are played. Yes, accordion, percussion or backing banjo play a big role on Benjaming’s Clan new album.

Stoletá láska” has all the above mentioned elements and it’s one of the album highlights. “Vekslák” is a catchy number, thanks to its na-na-na vocals, an addictive accordion and fiddle theme, and some yee-has. I love the bluegrass-y “Obézní muz”, and “Hudebníkova Zpoved’” ans “Slepecký pes” are enjoyable songs too.

The only cover in the album is the closing number “Amazing Grace”. It gets an ethereal treatment with guest Maruska on female vocals. Most of the lyrics on the album have been written by their friend Jiri lokouta, but “Zeleznej Dedek” has been written by poet Petr Havránek.
Sedm statečných” is more ambitious musically than their previous album and Benjaming’s Clan have not failed, quite the contrary. In other words, “Sedm statečných” is the Benjaming’s Clan’s most mature effort to date.

Track listing:

01 – Andel strážný 4:00
02 – Stoletá láska 3:11
03 – Hudebníkova zpoved’ 3:32
04 – Babyboxy 3:03
05 – Slepecký pes 4:45
06 – Zeleznej dedek 4:08
07 – Vekslák 3:12
08 – Krize 4:56
09 – 1305 2:49
10 – Všude kde jsi 4:43
11 – Obézní muz 3:18
12 – Šel do baru 4:35
13 – Pohádková 3:29
14 – Amazing Grace 3:40


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Rated 4.5/5 based on 580 customer reviews

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