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The Vad Vuc “Disco Orario” TVV009
Release date: April 28, 2017
Running time: 41:28, 13 tracks

The Vad Vuc is an essential Celtic rock band hailing from Ticino, Switzerland. The band was established in 2000 probably following the Modena City Ramblers footsteps. Apart from MCR, influences or similarities with The Pogues, Celtas Cortos, Ska-P or Talco can be found on their music. The Vad Vuc have released 2 EPs, 2 live albums and 5 studio albums. The line-up has varied from the 9 members on “Il Monastero dei Folli” (2.004) to the 8 members on “Disco Orario” (2017). In fact, 3 current members recorded the album from 2.004: Cerno (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin), Seba (mandolin, trombone, spoons, bckg vocals) and Jacky (bass, banjo, bck vocals). Boss (sousaphone, piano), was on board for “Trans Roonkaya Express” (2.006) and Fid (flute, tromba), Mago (accordion), Drugo (drums) and Albi (fiddle) joined the band after “La Parata dei Secondi” (2.009).

Pint of Guinness” is the track that opens the album. The Vad Vuc comes back to the Celtic punk/rock from their early days. Lively song featuring an Irish traditional tune.

Carmen” is a song with the classic The Vad Vuc sound. Echoes from The Pogues and Modena City Ramblers on this interesting song.

Rendez Vous” was the first single and there is a video for this number. After listening to this song I’m wondering if X-Fanekaes, the young band from Valencia, loves The Vad Vuc, as the musical approach is similar.

Chat Noir” is an intimate number that is followed by The Vad Vuc‘s rendition of The PoguesThousands Are Sailing”. The final mix is respectful with the original, but there are some outstanding things on this cover. First of all, some guys from Modena City Ramblers guest on this number: Davide “Dudu” Morandi on lead vocals, Franco D’Aniello (tin whistle, transverse flute) and Francesco “Fry” Monetti (fiddle). Secondly, “Dudu” sings his part in Modenese dialect and Cerno sings in Ticinese dialect.

The Vad Vuc have always chosen great musicians as guests (for instance, Steve Wickham from The Waterboys, Luca Crespi from Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards, Finny McConnell from The Mahones or the Irish accordionist Sharon Shannon). This time they have recorded “Finnegan’s Wake” with The Dublin Legends. When banjoist Barney McKenna passed away and fiddler John Seahan decided to leave, the remaining members of The Dubliners re-formed as The Dublin Legends. Cerno sings the Ticinese lyrics and Paul Watchorn sings the Irish lyrics. Boss plays sousaphonehe on a song that has been perfectly arranged by The Vad Vuc. The next track is stuck to this one, so it could be said that it’s a sort of outro: “Dubliner’s March”. This excellent instrumental has been written by The Vad Vuc and features Gerry O’Connor from The Dublin Legends on tenor banjo.

Rügin” is the second single from “Disco Orario” and the video for this number can be watched here. The song was written one afternoon watching TV and zapping.

Track no. 9, “Il ballo fermo d’un impicato” features Cerno on ukulele. It’s a slow number with a The Pogues twist. The lyrics are about a guy who kills her wife and then commits suicide. The guy tries to explain the reason for this, but all of them are nonsense. Amazing song talking about one of the biggest problems in modern society, domestic violence.

Se quéstu l’é un óm” is an upbeat country number with accordion, banjo, fiddle and sousaphone. Some musicians from Make Plain guest on this number: Luca Imperiale on harmonica and vocals and Andrea Zinzi on electric guitar and vocals. This song is The Vad Vuc’s tribute to Italian partisan and writer Primo Levi.

The next cut, “Korobeiniki” is a traditional Russian number. The intro and the outro sound like those old video-games from the late 70’s-early 80’s, and the tune gets an addictive ska-punk treatment à la Talco.

Disco Orario” comes to its end with “Addormentato in stazione”, probably the most “pop” song on the album. The song finishes up at 5:47. At 10:42 there is a hidden track. I guess that it’s titled “Moriremo (We’ll Die)”. There are gang vocals, some strings and sousaphone.

The Vad Vuc Disco Orario” is a labour of love. An original six panel packaging includes a 20 page booklet. All the info is stated at the booklet, the credits and musicians on every track, the lyrics to all of the songs, the translations to Italian from the Ticinese dialect, pics for every song, studio credits and the pics of every member when they were kids.

Yes, I’ve enjoyed “Disco Orario”. IMHO, The Vad Vuc are a kick-ass band, probably one of the best bands on the European folk-punk-rock scene. Irish music, country, ska, songwriter folk music … they play different styles and the final blend is awesome. If you like modern folk music, even if you don’t speak Italian, grab a copy of  “Disco Orario”.

Track listing:

01. Pint of Guinness
02. Carmen
03. Rendez-vous (feat. Jgor Gianola)
04. Chat Noir (feat. Zeno Gabaglio)
05. Thousands are sailing (feat. Modena City Ramblers)
06. Finnegan’s wake (feat. The Dublin Legends, The Dubliners)
07. Dubliner’s march (feat. Gerry O’Connor)
08. Rügin (feat. Fabrizio Barale)
09. Il ballo fermo di un impiccato
10. Se quéstu l’è un óm (feat. Make Plain)
11. Korobeiniki
12. Addormentato in stazione


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