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2017-06-20 NAME YOUR PRICE DOWNLOAD – THE GOBSHITES "Some of the Best" (2017)

The Gobshites are an American Celtic punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in 2002 by Peter Walsh, their music has been compared with The Pogues and Black 47, but with a twist: as well as taking Irish songs and punking them up, they take classic punk songs and ‘Irish’ them up; for example, in their hands the Ramones‘ “Long Way Back to Germany” becomes “Long Way Back to Ireland” with a fiddle jig incorporated.

Although the band has had several lineup changes through the years, the current core lineup has been solid since early 2009, and includes former members of Meat Depressed, Charm City Saints, Last Night’s Whiskey, Suckerpunch, and Trash Boys.

In 2005 they released their first full-length CD When The Shite Hits the Fans, and also appear on What the Shite? – Shite ‘n’ Onions Vol. 2. In 2007, their second and third albums Another Round and Get Bombed were released. The band has performed all over the Northeast United States, appearing at Irish pubs and rock clubs, as well as Shamrockfest in Washington, DC, the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade, and Irish2000 Festival in Upstate New York. They’ve appeared with Black 47, Flatfoot 56, The Tossers, Street Dogs, Young Dubliners, Gaelic Storm, Derek Warfield, Neck and Tommy Ramone, among many other acts. In early 2011, they released Songs Me Da’ Got Pissed To, an album of traditional Irish songs and tunes, as well as Poitin, an “Official Bootleg” CD of rare tracks, demos, and remixes.

Last year they released a 14 track album, “The Whistle Before the Snap“. My fave tracks on that album: “Good Morning Finnegan“, “The Evil and the Drink“, “Cheers” and “Shane’s Dentist“. Other interesting tracks on that album: “12 Steps“, the Ramones  “Somebody Put Something on my Drink“, “Happy Everything” and “Let’s Talk about Me“. Some of them are on rotation on Celtic-Folk-Punk radio.

Their brand new album is a best of The Gobshites titled “Some of the Best” featuring among other songs their kick-ass cover of The QueersI Only Drink Bud” re-titled “I Only Drink Stout” and is available as a Name Your Price download from Bandcamp.


When the Shite Hits the Fans” (16 tracks, 2005)
Get Bombed” (15 tracks, 2007)
Another Round” (15 tracks, 2007)
Songs Me Da’ Got Pissed to” (24 tracks, 2011)
Poitin” (23 tracks, 2011)
The Whistle Before the Snap” (14 tracks, 2016)
Some of the Best” (16 tracks, 2017)

The Gobshites links:


Click to buy their albums:

Their discography on Bancamp
“The Whistle Before the Snap” on CDBaby
“The Whistle Before the Snap” on iTunes


Pete Walsh – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tom Hughes – Bass, Vocals
Padraic (Paddy) O’Hare – Drums, Vocals
Christine McGuire – Fiddle
Amanda McCue – Guitar



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