2017-07-31 EP REVIEW – BLACK RAWK DOG "Suburban’s Folk Stories" (2017)

Black Rawk Dog “Suburban’s Folk Stories” WLRV Records WLVR 008-2017
Release date: July 6, 2017
Running time: 16:19, 5 tracks
Indonesia has a burgeoning Celtic punk scene. The bands coming for that country share their love for Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys with their love for Rancid, Cock Sparrer or Social Distortion. After having added their local music influences to their sound, the Indonesian bands have been able to develop their own musical print. Bands around the world can be divided into Flogging Molly infused bands and Dropkick Murphys infused bands. But bands from Indonesia are not so easy to label. They have merged both bands influences in such a way that you can’t tell them apart.

After the success of the Rain in Summer EP, WLVR keeps up the good work and the Indonesian label has just released another excellent EP: Black Rawk Dog Suburban’s Folk Stories”. A five track EP that is called to be a classic CD.

Suburban’s Folk Stories” starts off with “Brand New Day”, a catchy as hell song. Banjo, fiddle and tin whistle can be heard at the beginning of the song. Then the full band burst on this fast-paced song with great chorus to sing along. The sound is top-notch and fiddle and tin whistle are not hidden in the mix. Hats-off to the studio lads and the producers!

The next track is titled “Work Proud”. The beginning reminds me a little bit to the Italian band The Clan. Black Rawk Dog like gang vocals and they do it perfectly well. There is an electric guitar passage that is followed by the fiddle, tin whistle and banjo tune. Another infectious song.

Acoustic guitar opens the path for “Still One”. The banjo, fiddle, harmonica and vocals give the song a slight country feeling. There are woahs too, but it’s not a fast-paced song. The Celtic tune comes when the song is coming to its end, just before the amazing female vocals (guest Pramytha Ayu).

The level moves higher with “Rumble in the Bar”. The song kicks off with the typical banjo and tin whistle intro that we all love. The two vocalist fight each other. Gang vocals and hey! shouts are backed by fiddle and banjo. The electric guitar is showcased once again and the tin whistle and fiddle tune is perfect.

The last song on the EP is called “The Old Man Stand Alone”. Kick-ass upbeat song with pipes, banjo and fiddle. Boy and girl share vocal duties.

The Cloves and The Tobacco topped the Celtic punk album charts in 2016. And Black Rawk Dog are going to top the Celtic EP charts in 2017. If you felt disappointed with the latest Dropkick Murphys album, then check out how their sons are protecting their musical heritage. You’ll enjoy Black Rawk DogSuburban’s Folk Stories”.

Track listing:

1 – Brand New Day 3:48
2 – Work Proud 2:59
3 – Still One 3:45
4 – Rumble in the Bar 2:58
5 – The Oldman Stand Alone 2:47


Label contact

[email protected]

Review by Kinksmarkham

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