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2017-08-01 PADDY ROCK PODCAST – Episode #34 – The Steele Cast

(This podcast was originally posted at Paddy Rock last July 2. Enjoy!)

Summer is under way !!  Hope you all have been making the most of your time, it’s the same ol’ grind over here right now. Work, Kids, School, Music and Concerts..  So much to do and so very little time! 
What you have here is the first Fancast of 2017, thanks to Jeff the man who’s musical taste is so much like me we could be related! You have put together a brilliant and I appreciate it!  So ladies and gentlemen kick back turn it up loud and enjoy!!  This is Episode #34 of The Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast – The Steele Cast !!

As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar)




The Playlist:

Clan of Celts – Beggars, Celts and Madmen
Dropkick Murphys – 4/15/2013
The Logues – Sirens Call
Flatfoot 56 – A Voice
The Rolling Kings – The Bastard in Our Soil
The Peelers – Bastard of the Bunch
Born Again Heathens – Sadie Hawkins Slam Dance
Handsome Young Strangers – Poor Ned
Mickey Rickshaw – Nonprofit Warfare
Craic – Marching Orders
The Narrowbacks – Shannon
Irish Moutarde – A Lad and a Hag
My Three Kilts – Cap’n Sully and the Seaunts (Haht Fahts)
Sisters of Murphy – One Word of This Kiss
The Wakes – Pirates Of The League
The Pourmen – Prodigal Son
The Tosspints – How Do You Feel?
The Gobshites – 12 Steps
The Rumjacks – Kathleen
The Mahones – Girl With Galway Eyes
Sir Reg – The Wrong Bar

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