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2017-10-09 ALBUM REVIEW – FATUM "Sing mir noch ein Lied" (2017)

Fatum “Sing mir noch ein Lied”
Release date: June 16, 2017
Running time: 40:10, 10 tracks

Germany has always had some interesting non-Celtic folk punk bands, from instance the bands from the Pforzheim folk-punk scene (Across the Border, Ratsbane and Scatterbrains) or Mutabor from Berlin. Fatum hail from the Eifel area. They used to play traditional Irish tunes in their earlier years and they evolved into a real folk-punk / cow punk band sung in German. Fatum are Jiewesch Michel (vocals, accordion), Mucki (vocals, bass, banjo), Andi (vocals, mandolin), Ocean (guitar) and Josch (drums). When Celtic punk bands mention their influences, usually they say Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Tossers or The Mahones. However, Fatum state that their influences are the likes of The Pogues, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, The Whisky Priests and The Ukranians. And I must say that this is exactly how they sound.

Sing mir noch ein Lied” comes in a digipack with a 12 page booklet. There are 10 songs that have been written by three members, Michel, Mucki and Andi. I have particularly enjoyed tracks 1 2, 5, 6 and 9. The opening cut “Sing mir noch ein Lied” is an Across the Border meets The Whisky Priests song showcasing mandolin, accordion and vocal harmonies. “Tanzen” is a drinking song that also has a The Whisky Priests touch (a passage reminds me of “The Hard Men”). “Novembertag” blends ska and East European beats (Fatum sound like the bastard sons of The Waxie’s and The Ukranians). “Einsam und allein” is an amazing uptempo song featuring accordion while “Morgenschlund” is a fast-paced accordion and mandolin driven number.

The other tracks are a couple of pirate numbers (the upbeat “Gelobtes Land” and “1.000 Mann und der Klabautermann”), an early pogues-ish song (“König Alcohol”), the most German sounding song on the album (“Berlin”) and the closing number, probably inspired by Werner Herzog’s film “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” (“Conquestadores” [sic]).

Fatum have moved away from the usual Celtic punk standards. They sing in their mother tongue and their main influences come from European bands from the 90’s. Anyway, the average Celtic punk fan will find quite a few interesting songs on “Sing mir noch ein Lied”.

Track listing:

01 – Sing mir noch ein Lied 3:36
02 – Tanzen 3:05
03 – Gelobtes Land 4:24
04 – König Alkohol 3:41
05 – Novembertag 4:09
06 – Einsam und allein 3:35
07 – 1000 Mann und der Klabauterman 4:11
08 – Berlin 4:16
09 – Morgenschlund 3:48
10 – Conquestadores (sic) 5:25

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Review by Kinksmarkham

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