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2017-12-11 ALBUM REVIEW – THE FEELGOOD McLOUDS "s/t" (2017)

The Feelgood McLouds “s/t” Big Barrel Records BBR002
Release date: December 8, 2017
Running time: 26:57, 11 tracks

There are a lot of Celtic punk bands in Germany. However, there are hardly any bagpipes punk bands. The Feelgood McLouds are the latest addition to the Germany bagpipes punk scene. If Die Dødelsäcke sing in their mother tongue and their sound is rooted in the German punk, The Feelgood McLouds follow a more international approach. They sing in English and love streetpunk and oi!

The Feelgoods McLouds deliver 11 tracks in less than 27 minutes. Their self-titled debut album is an excellent bagpipes punk album that fans will enjoy. The first track is a tin whistle led intro that opens the path for the next cut, the catchy “Cheerio”. The sound reminds me of Bastards (on Parade). On “Sickness and DeathThe Feelgood McLouds showcase their The Porters influences. This song features The Dubliners well-known tune “Sporting Paddy”. After three tin whistle numbers, the pipes appear on the next track, the fantastic oi! infused song “Year in & Year out”. Needless to say that it’s one of my faves.

The Feelgood McLouds revisit again The Porters’ territory on “Sheer Whiskey”. Woll switches from bagpipes to mandolin. Track no. 6 is called “Mr. Radio”. Kick-ass mandolin driven song with a Rancid spin . “State of Unrest” was the first single and a video was shot for this song. Addictive chorus and once again a similar sound to Bastards (on Parade) thanks to the bagpipes.

The speed goes down a little bit on “Beerbongs’n’Bourbon”, a song based on mandolin and tin whistle. Anyway, the fast-paced numbers come back and the last three songs are perfect. More pipes and gang vocals can be heard on “T.G.I.J.”. “Sailors” is a top-notch number à la Dropkick Murphys featuring “The Blarney Pilgrim” on pipes And, finally, the highest peak is reached with the band’s second single and video, the anthemic bagpipes number “Never Stop”.

Matze (drums), Woll (bagpipes, mandolin, whistles), Günther (vocals, tin whistle), Denis (guitars) and Schirra (bass, vocals) have released a brilliant debut album. My advice: get a copy, grab your favourite beer and sing along!

Track listing:

01 – Intro 0:37
02 – Cheerio 1:55
03 – Sickness And Death 2:58
04 – Year In & Year Out 2:30
05 – Sheer Whiskey 3:07
06 – Mr. Radio 1.34
07 – State Of Unrest 2:43
08 – Beerbongs’n’Bourbon 2:40
09 – T.G.I.J. 2:35
10 – Sailors 3:06
11 – Never Stop 3.07


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Rated 4.5/5 based on 731 customer reviews

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