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The McDrinkers “Another Drunken Night”
Release date: September 21, 2017
Running time: 53:33, 14 tracks

It’s no easy to develop your own identity in the Celtic punk scene. People often tend to think that there are some unwritten laws that force new bands to cover the usual standards and to be on the Flogging Molly’s camp or on the Dropkick Murphys’ camp. Fortunately, some bands try to find their own place and to offer something different to the scene. That’s what The McDrinkers have been doing for their earlier stages. The 5 piece band from Quebec, Canada, bets on their original songwriting and a fresh and young punk folk sound.

Another Drunken Night” is the band’s third recording after their first EP under the name The Irish McDrinkers (“Welcome to WhiskeyTown”, 2014, 6 tracks and 20 min 49 sec) and their debut album as The McDrinkers (“Bring the Barrels”, 2015, 12 tracks and 46 min 17 sec). As you can see, their sophomore album is longer both in tracks and running time: 14 cuts and 53 min 33 sec.

Catherine Boivin (banjo, mandolin, guitar) and Jean-Benoit St.Germain (fiddle, background vocals) play the folk instruments, while new member Alex Tremblay plays electric guitar and sings backing vocals, front man Louis Deschênes plays bass and sings lead vocals and Dave Fortin plays the drums. “Another Drunken Night” has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Louis at the McDrinkers studio. The packaging is a four panel digipack with the line-up, track listing and song credits.

My fave tracks are “Zara Road” (perfect opening track), “Modern Buccaneers” (amazing pirate number showcasing mandolin and lots of hey and woah shouts that reminds me of the latest The Scarlet CD approach), “Fairytale Sip” (a catchy song with a great instrumental part at the beginning), “The Fire off” (a number with a Flatfoot56 spin), “No More Drink” (an infectious punk pop song) and “You’re a Fake” (upbeat song with a British fiddle folk punk sound). But another numbers are also very interesting: “The Ancient Malediction” (some Flatfoot56 and Fox’n’Firkin echoes), “The Promise” (a lively banjo driven song), “Mt.Forever” (amazing balance between fiddle and mandolin an electric guitar), “Field and Sorrow” and “Boardwalk”.

Hats off to McDrinkers for following their own musical path and keeping their own identity.

Track listing:
01 – Zara Road 2:50
02 – The Ancient Malediction 3:46
03 – The Promise 3:14
04 – Mt. Forever 3:37
05 – Song for the Hopeless 2:40
06 – Story of Betreyal 4:01
07 – Modern Buccaneers 3:31
08 – Fairytale Sip [Explicit] 4:26
09 – The Fire Off 3:55
10 – No More Drink 4:50
11 – Field of Sorrow 3:39
12 – The Red Star Club 3:23
13 – You’re a Fake [Explicit] 4:45
14 – Boardwalk 4:51


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