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This is our third post featuring free stuff for St. Patrick’s Day. These EPs are available as Name your Price downloads on Bandcamp. Remember that the quantity of free downloads on Bandcamp is limited, 200 free downloads/month. You can support the band and leave a tip.

The Sorry Lot hails from Napa, California, USA.

The Sorry Lot is a an eight-piece Irish Folk and Ballad band from Napa, California. They deliver high-energy renditions of traditional drinking songs, as well as a few modern and original tunes, while keeping the music true to it’s roots in the pubs and bars of Ireland.

Named after a snarky comment from a British bartender, the band was formed in 2007 by members of several local bands who shared a passion for Irish Folk music. Their energy and showmanship stems from their Punk Rock and Reggae backgrounds, but their music remains Irish through and through.

The Sorry Lot can be seen playing regularly at pubs and Breweries throughout California, and are constantly expanding their library of traditional and original songs.”



Jake – banjo, guitar, bodhran
Beef – mandolin, banjo, fiddle
Stu – bass
Mike – tin whistle
Rizzo – accordion
Cody – 12-string guitar
Quinn – mandolin, banjo, bouzouki


The Night that Pat Murphy Died” (1 track, 2013)
The Sorry Lot” (5 tracks, 2013)
Live at Downtown Joe’s” (6 tracks, 2013)
Heaven’s Happy Hour” (5 tracks, 2015)
Beer Flood” (5 tracks, 2015)


Bandcamp – The Night that Pat Murphy Died
Bandcamp – The Sorry Lot
Bandcamp – Live at Downtown Joe’s
Bandcamp – Heaven’s Happy Hour
Bandcamp – Beer Flood

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