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This review only showed my opinion about the music before I got some information about the band’s environment. Following the comments of some Russian friends on facebook, other bands from the Russian scene wouldn’t accept to play with this band because Drinking Pumpkins would be friends with white pride people. Nothing has been said about the lyrics of the songs.

I’ve got an article and plenty  of pics, for instance, depicting Skrewdriver’s T-shirts, tattoos and some posters on their stage. So, all the evidence that has sent to me is very clear.

It’s really a same, because the music was good. But I must say that we don’t agree with that scene and those ideas.

I have been thinking over removing the review.  Then I have thought that maybe this could have a Barbra Streissand effect. Therefore I have decided to keep the review, but after having removed the band links and added some lines to the end. This way the fans will have the real information about this band.

Drinking Pumpkins “Folk Mosh”
Release date: February 25, 2018
Running time: 35:00, 10 tracks

Drinking Pumpkins are a six piece band from Tyumen, Siberia: Vladimir Serebrennikov (lead vocals, guitar), Raisa Shabanova (fiddle), Vladimir Abramov (bass guitar, backing vocals), Denis Kovalev (drums), Anton Lepsky (guitar) and Ksenia Muzheva (tin whistle, flute, backing vocals). “Folk Mosh” is their debut album, but they had previously released three singles: “Борода (Beard)” in 2014, “Рогонос (Cukold)” in 2015 and “Песня мертвых матросов (The Song of the Dead Sailors)” in 2016. Both “Beard” and “Cukold” can be found on “Folk Mosh”.

The album kicks off with “O’Carolan’s Drean/Ten Penny Bit“. It’s really amazing that a band from Russia has chosen a composition by Irish blind harpist Turlough O’Carolan. The fiddle plays a tune that was intended for the harp and then powerful guitars deliver a metal rendition of “Ten Penny Bit”. Hats-off guys!

The next track is titled “Monks”. The fiddle theme is addictive, while the vocals reminds me of Czech band Hakka Muggies. There is an electric guitar part before the end too.

Beard” has a traditional feel and interesting percussion. The vocals get a Firkin treatment, the fiddle is backed by the banjo and the metal guitars add the right atmosphere.

Track no. 4 is called “Paddy” and Drinking Pumpkins slow down a little bit. It’s followed by a kick-ass folk-metal version of “Fire Maringo”, a traditional shanty.

Most Celtic punk fans will be familiar with the next number, “Shoulder to Shoulder”, as Drinking Pumpkins cover their fellow band Garlic Kings. Aidar Aminov guests on the pipes and the final result can rival with the original.

Cuckold” features drunken vocals, a trad. tune and a ska passage towards the end of the song. Another standout number.

Anarchists” is the “different” number on “Folk Mosh”. Apart from fiddle, keyboards (Svetlana Naumkina) and sax (Daniil Serikov) can be heard.

The trad. tune “Green Sleeves” is a highlight too. The arrangements are top-notch and the song evolves from an acoustic beginning to a full electric end.

The last number is “Red Head Girl”, that is, a fast-paced metal cover of “Star of the Co. Down”.

Drinking PumpkinsFolk Mosh” is an awesome debut album. The sound blends punk and metal influences, the selection of traditional numbers is very attractive and the arrangements are excellent. In other circumstances this could be a good addition to your CD collection. But keep in mind that unfortunately the band don’t support the same ideas that our scene supports. And we cannot tolerate fascist behaviours.

Track listing:

01. O’Carolans Dream / Ten Penny Bit 02:21
02. Монахи (Monks) 03:00
03. Борода (Beard) 04:22
04. Падди (Paddy) 04:35
05. Fire Maringo 04:12
06. Плечом к плечу (Shoulder-to-Shoulder) 03:19
07. Рогонос (Cuckold) 04:14
08. Анархисты (Anarchists) 03:37   
09. Green Sleeves 01:57
10. Рыжуля из Зареки (The Redhead Girl) 03:11

Review by Kinksmarkham

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