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Our fourth post of free music for St. Patrick’s Day. These albums are available on Bandcamp as Name Your Price downloads. After Michael Matheny passed away, his remaining bandmates Ken Larson and Lojo Russo  announced that they were making the whole Gallowglass catalog available free with any money that anyone wanted to donate for the downloads going to Mike’s favorite charities, greyhound and cancer research.
Gallowglass Irish Trio, from Minnesota.

“Gallowglass Irish Trio, premier MN Renaissance Festival music act for over 10 years and one of Minnesota’s favorite Celtic bands for over 20!

Michael D Matheny, Ken Larson and Lojo Russo made Irish music that was about drinkin’, dyin’ and doin’ it (not necessarily in that order). No mamby-pamby madrigal stuff…these guys kicked butt!”


Michael D. Matheny – Guitar bouzouki and vocals
Ken Larson – Bodhrán and vocals
Lojo Russo – Mandolin and vocals


Bootleg” (23 tracks, 1986)
No Irish Need Apply” (14 tracks, 1986)
Taking on Water” (19 tracks, 1992)
Hello Farewell – An Authorised Bootleg” (13 tracks, 1994)
All Our Best” (18 tracks, 1999)


Bandcamp – Bootleg
Bandcamp – No Irish Need Apply
Bandcamp – Taking on Water
Bandcamp – Hello Farewell-An Authorised Bootleg

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