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2018-05-08 FREE DOWNLOADS – PADDY WHACK – some songs

Paddy Whack is a German band from Munich that was established in 1987. They have released 4 CDs and 3 cassettes.

Great 9 Songs” MC was released in 1993 and was basically an album full of traditional numbers. The personnel that recorded the album was Kai Fahr (vocals, bass), Achim Budde (fiddle, mandolin, banjo), Tom Seefried (accordion, piano, organ, vocals), Peter Fahr (banjo, mandocello, vocals) and Klaus Zirngibl (guitar, bass drum, bass, vocals). The album was recorded and mixed by Tom Seefried.

Nona Nana” was issued in 1996. Nine of the tracks were self-penned songs and the other five were covers. The line-up was Kai Fahr (vocals, bass, bckg. vocals), Achim Budde (fiddle, mandolin), Tom Seefried (keyboards, timbales, lead vocals on 1 track, bckg. vocals), Peter Fahr (mandola, banjo, bckg. vocals), Klaus Zirngibl (guitars, bass, lead vocals on 2 tracks, bckg. vocals), Peter Gebhard (trumpet, flugelhorn, bckg. vocals) and Georg Hopfensperger). Once again, Tom Seefried recorded and mixed the album, which was arranged and produced by Tom Seefried, Klaus Zirngibl and Paddy Whack. Some copies are available at Amazon Germany.

Paddy Whack released their last CD in 2006: “Rocky Road – Irendisko vol. 4”, a collection of Irish standards and The Pogues songs.

The current line-up is Kai Fahr (vocals, bass since 1987),  Peter Fahr (banjo, mandola, vocals since 1987), Georg Hopfensperger (percussion, cajon since 1994), Peter Gebhard (trumpet since 1996),  Vic McChord  (accordion since 2007) and Peter Hegerich (guitar since 2008)


Nine songs from “Rocky Road – Irendisko vol. 4” can be downloaded from the “Media” page at their website. The songs have to be downloaded one by one (right click and download link as).


Band’s Website


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