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7 Stout Clan “Alcohostility”
Release date: April 2018
Running time: 22:11, 8 tracks + 1 secret track

While Sweden and Norway have well-known Celtic punk acts such as SIR REG, Finnegan’s Hell or Greenland Whalefishers, the Finnish Celtic punk scene is still a mystery for many fans. 7 Stout Clan is a five piece band formed in Savonlinna in 2008. The current line-up is Kalle (bass, double bass and vocals), Taavi (vocals, 5 string banjo, Highland pipes, uileann pipes, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion and tin whistle), Elias (drums, percussions and bckg. vocals), Julius (electric guitars, vocals, tin whistle and bodhrán) and Juho (vocals, tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin and melodica). Taavi and Juho are the songwriters.

7 Stout Clan was featured on a couple of our samplers (April 2010 and April 2013). So far, they have released 3 CDs: “First Taste EP” (2009), “Too Drunk to Punk” (acoustic, 2011) and “Lump of Coal” (Christmas single, 2012). Most of the songs can be downloaded from their Mikseri pages.

The lads announced on YouTube last September 2017 that “Bastards Claps Your Hands” was a track from their upcoming EP. “Alcohostility” should have been released last March 3, but it had to be postponed. Luckily, the 9 track mini-album is already out.

Alcohostility” kicks off with “Bastards Clap Your Hands”. The pipes and the banjo give a Black Tartan Clan twist to the song, but The Real McKenzies influence is there too. Needless to say that this number is bagpipes punk at its best.

The following cut is called “Whiskey Rain”. The song is short, less than a minute. It has a hard rock flavour, woah chorus and kick-ass banjo picking.

If you downloaded our samplers featuring 7 Stout Clan, then you’ll be familiar with the next track, “Grief Makes a Murderer”. Excellent pipe tune on this song.

Vocal duties are switched on track no. 4, the amazing banjo punk number “Old Scratch”. After that song, the guys deliver a bagpipes hardcore number full of gang vocals: “Tartan Army”, the proof that 7 Stout Clan’s gigs must be a blast

Reissumies” is another fast-paced banjo driven song with electric guitar. On the other hand, “Let Me Have My Beer” is a party number featuring banjo and tin whistle: fun, fun, fun. 7 Stout Clan moves slightly to the Flogging Molly end on the “closing” number “Oh My Head”. But fortunately, the mini-album is not over, as the guys have added a secret track titled “Juhannus” (Midsummer /Summer Solstice). More pipes and electric guitar on the band’s comeback to the hardcore territory.

7 Stout Clan are not a prolific band. Nevertheless, “Alcohostility” is a real gem. Rough at the edges, but a gem. Grab a copy and file together with recent releases by Raise My Kilt and The Grinning Barretts.

Track listing:

1 – Bastards, Clap Your Hands 2:54
2 – Whiskey Rain 00:59
3 – Grief Makes a Murderer 3:18
4 – Old Scratch 1:55
5 – Tartan Army 2:23
6 – Reissumies 2:23
7 – Let Me Have My Beer 3:47
8 – Oh My Head 2:53
9 – Secret Träck – Juhannus 1:12

Mikseri 1
Mikseri 2

Review by Kinksmarkham

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