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Malasañers “Footprints” Wolverine Records WRR229
Release date: March 16, 2018
Running time: 40:00, 13 tracks

Footprints” is Malasañers’ sophomore album. Once again, the CD has been released by German label Wolverine Records. But there are significant differences with the band’s debut album. First of all, “Spanish Eyes” was recorded mainly by Spanish musicians. Secondly, the sound on “Footprints” has moved to the punk folk end rather than to the (Celtic) folk punk end.

The album has been recorded by front man Carlos del Pino (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, banjo), Cornelius Appun (vocals, electric guitar), Frau Vau (fiddle), Teemu Salo (keyboards), Philipp Renz (drums) and guest musicians Sophie Höpner (cello) and Trine Pedersen (ska vocals and album’s producer together with Carlos).

A couple of videos were shot for “Sell the Night” and “Long Live the Glory”, two killer songs. The former, sung by Carlos, features banjo and keyboards, while the latter, sung by Cornelius, is an uptempo punk rock number with catchy chorus, So-Cal punk bass lines and claps.

Other faves are “My Time before I Die” and “Ghostly Lovers” (both upbeat songs with Cornelius on lead vocals), the poignant “Your Wars” sung by Carlos (whose lyrics remind me of the Levellers’ “Another Man’s Cause”), and the interesting “Paris, je t’aime”, featuring fiddle and keyboards.

Carlos del Pino songwriting had a Social Distortion twist on “Spanish Eyes“. And he has a side-project with a Johnny Cash flavor too. These influences are more obvious on Malasañers new offering. Clearly the band shares a common ground with other acts like Airs & Graces and The Detonators. Production is pristine on “Footprints” and the album has been mastered by Mass Giorgini (Squirtgun), a guarantee of success.

Track listing:

01 – Sell the Night 2:54
02 – Workers on the Run 3:52
03 – My Time before I Die 2:43
04 – But not Today 3:22
05 – Long Live the Glory 3:17
06 – The Stars Are Falling 3:18
07 – Paris, je t’aime 2:40
08 – I Just can’t Stay and Wait 2:56
09 – Footprints 3:29
10 – To the Border 2:25
11 – Ghostly Lover 2:34
12 – Fun has just begun 3:16
13 – Your Wars 3:09


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