2018-12-15 THE BEST OF 2018, NEXT FRIDAY DECEMBER 21 AT 19h00 CET

The Best of 2018 will be posted next Friday December 21 at 19h00. As usual, only the albums that have arrived to Celtic Folk Punk and More headquarters will be taken into account (albums forwarded for review and/or airplay, and free downloads).

For those who have asked, the albums depicted on the picture are the ones that are on the list for the moment (in no particular order). More albums can be added if they are forwarded now.
Apart from the albums, there is another list with 20 EPs/Demos/Mini-albums. If you need to know if your CD is on that second list, please feel free to ask.

Bands: This is the last call. If you forgot to forward your CD, but you want to be on the list, please send me an e-mail asap.

Fans: If you are missing some CDs, help your fave band and tell them to send me an e-mail asap.

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