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T.C. Costello, the accordionist from Greenville, South Carolina, a.k.a. The Mozart of Multi-Instrumental Folk-Punk, has released a new album on December 28th, 2018.
The album is titled “Horizon Songs” and includes  a cover of The Brandy ThievesThe Muse of Mary Molloy” originally on “Old Tattoos“, standards “The Leaving of Liverpool“, “Botany Bay” and “Lowlands of Holland” (reworked and retitled “Highlands of Afghanistan“) and amazing Celtic punk numbers “The Ballad of Being Born in a Bar“,  “It Starts with a Funeral” or the Flogging Molly-ish “May the Horizon Be Your Home“. Don’t miss the hidden track !
The album can be bought from Bandcamp and some songs are already on rotation on Celtic Folk Punk Radio.

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