Green Spirit offers a special blend of soulful Irish melodies and lively pub music, and does this in a fairly unique instrumentation. The cello and the bodhrán, the fiddle and the fife all hold the promise of a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The band was founded six years ago, on a windy Sunday in October. The members hail from all around Hungary, possess very diverse musical backgrounds, and have met in a small rehearsal room on that fateful day by no more than pure happenstance.

The harmony that is present in Green Spirit doesn’t only exist on stage, but beyond music as well. The inspired and energetic music-making is backed by mutual respect and care and, of course, a willingness to make a tremendous party anytime and anywhere; in a train’s buffet car en route to Transylvania, or in an upscale pub in Switzerland.

Green Spirit has shared the stage with The Rumjacks, Paddy and the Rats, Jolly Jackers, Highland Bastards, The Crazy Rogues, Punk Whiskey or Rapalje.
BTW, Júlia and Dominika are members of The Scarlet too.


Háklár Tamás – Guitar
Rónaszéki Barnabás – Cello
Mészáros Dominika – Fiddle, vocals
Seres Júlia- Tin whistle, recorder, flute, lead vocals
Polonkai Éva – Bodhrán


Rum in the Coffee (6 track EP, 2014)
Gleaming Breeze (4 track EP, 2017)
Matrózok dala ( Single, 2018)

Both the 2017 EP and the single can be purchased/downloaded for free from Bandcamp (Name Your Price). The songs from their first EP with all the girls, but different guys on guitar and cello, can be found on their youTube channel. Some songs are already on roation at Celtic Folk Punk radio.

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