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23min of Ska: Strawberry Hard Candies

23skaSTRAWBERRYCANDYThis is the second episode assembled on the old 23skaLAPTOP, where actually a majority of the episodes from 2010 – 2016 were assembled! Production was only moved to the 23skaCOMPUTER after uploading the show online had become troublesome due to the laptop’s “planned” obsolescence. With help from the 23skaPHONE and 23skaTABLET we are getting the new eps out, but it’s a struggle to be sure. On the 23skaCOMPUTER front, that dude is dead, yet can be revived! So more like undead. Due to the amazing help of listeners Jason Sample, David Davis and Ryan Michael McCarroll and their amazing patience with my questions, a fix is around the corner! Thanks for listening in, and I hope to be casting out of better digs next week!

00:00 – Super Hi-Fi – Fergie (Blue and White ’18)
02:29 – the Army – Mr. Average (Kick it Down / Mr. Average ’81)
05:34 – Corey Dixon and the Zvooks – I don’t Know (Calm Down ’01)
08:03 – Babylove & the Van Dangos – I Want You Here (I Want You Here / Shades of the Same Color ’10)
11:58 – Pressure Cooker – Space:1999 (I Want to Tell You ’01)
14:08 – the Duppies – Need You Around (Broken Organ ’15)
17:16 – the Allstonians – Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Spare Shells comp ’00)
20:31 – Bigtopp – Hero (Next Stage ’15)

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Anti Cimex - Country of Sweden

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